Furnace Maintenance

Heating System Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance – Chesterton, IN & Northwest Indiana

Your furnace is a vital and important investment in your home or business.  Just like with your automobile, heating systems require periodic maintenance appointments to keep functioning at their full potential.  Don't risk your comfort and investment by putting off a heating system maintenance appointment. We will thoroughly inspect your equipment and let you know of any problems (or potential problems) we find. Ask us about our annual service agreements that include valuable discounts.

At every furnace maintenance appointment our technician will:


  1. Inspect the condition of unit.
  2. Check the filter.
  3. Check the motors to make sure the amps are within manufacturer specifications.
  4. Do a complete cleaning of the inside and outside cabinet.
  5. Check the thermostat.
  6. Make sure the safety limits work properly.
  7. Do a carbon monoxide text.
  8. Check the drains for the furnace.
  9. Check the vent for furnace.
  10. Clean the burner chamber.
  11. Inspect the heat exchanger, if accessible.
  12. Check all of the electrical connections.

At Buck's Heating & Air in Chesterton, IN, we aim to provide the highest level of quality for every maintenance appointment we undertake. 

Ask us about our annual service agreements that make it easy for you to maintain your system and enjoy valuable discounts.

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