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The Truth About Variable Speed Features for HVAC Systems

If you’re considering a new furnace or air conditioner for your home, you may hear the term ‘Variable Speed’ and see the letters ‘VRV-VRF’ while you research your options.  

We’re here to explain to you what it means and if it’s worth the added costs attached to equipment with this feature.  


Here’s the truth . . .

Today’s heating and air conditioning systems are incredibly sophisticated machines – far superior to their predecessors. They’re fine-tuned, highly-sensitive operating systems designed with controls and sensors to maximize efficiency. Efficiency that results from:

  • Keeping more treated air inside your home (less exhaust).
  • Maintaining a more constant temperature level in your home.

It’s the second result, maintaining more consistent temperature, that is the product of advanced technologies like Variable-Speed features.  


Multi-Speed Difference

Buck’s HVAC can fully explain the technology, but since it is a costly feature, we want to offer our thoughts. Simply stated, Variable Speed technology automatically alters the speed of the flow of air throughout your home. A multi-speed blower automatically changes from high-to-low to create consistent room temperature.  

This is different from the traditional operation of a furnace with a single HIGH-speed that goes on-and-off in cycles as the thermostat setting and room temperature varies.


Downfalls to the single HIGH-speed blower fan:

  • Tends to be noisy
  • Wares out parts quickly due to frequent on-and-off cycles
  • Uses more energy in starting and stopping the High-speed blower
  • Overall reduced efficiency


Benefits Variable Speed technology

  • Quieter
  • Affords greater comfort
  • Offers humidity or dehumidification control
  • Delivers more even temperatures throughout your home  


Variable-Speed technology is already part of many high-efficiency furnaces. It’s recognized as superior technology, and it delivers greater comfort for your home.


Value Driven

While Variable-Speed features make HVAC equipment more expensive, they save homeowners in energy costs each month and over time pays for itself. The time in which you recoup your investment will vary from house-to-house.


Do the Math

As you consider Variable-Speed for your furnace, a Buck’s HVAC expert can help as you weigh the value. We can offer advice on manufacturers’ discounts and rebates and applicable government tax credits.    


You’re making a multi-year investment in your home. Careful study is necessary to weigh the variables and project your future comfort level. There’s no easy answer. Each situation is truly unique.


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